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As a family business based in the US and Africa for decades, we’ve experienced many crisis events, large and small which have honed our experience and our resolve as they occurred.

We’ve gained a lot of experience from challenging events such as military coups, border closures, political unrest, financial collapses and even an earthquake in Nepal. And each incident has honed our skills made us more adept at handling whatever crisis might come next. But let’s face it. It’s one thing to talk about the safety protocols we are outlining here, but it’s a totally different thing to execute those protocols and keep our trekkers safe. And that’s how we’ve built our reputation – on health and safety. With a full-time operation and full-time staff working in Tanzania, Tusker Trail’s expertise in health and safety ensures that protocols are followed down to the smallest detail. In Tanzania, safety protocols are directed by our US office and controlled by Tusker’s local operations director in Moshi, Tanzania.  In Mongolia, Nepal and Greenland safety protocols are directed by our U.S. Office and managed by our Trekking Guides. 


In addition to making sure that you have a fantastic trip, your guides ensure that Tusker Trail’s safety protocols are followed meticulously during your entire trek.  They are also there to reinforce the novel idea that safety is a shared responsibility with you, your crew and your fellow trekkers.  Tusker’s management and trekking team have undergone WHO-approved certificate training courses on COVID-19 sanitation protocols, in addition to establishing focused safety guidelines established by the Adventure Travel Trade Association in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic.  These include written and practical skills to ensure the highest level of health and safety during your trek.



  • All key Tusker crew are fully vaccinated, and they are tested before every trek.
  • We adhere to strict sanitation protocols on our climbs.
  • We practice strict social distancing on the climbs at all times.
Tusker Trail - Rescue Service Ripcord

We have partnered with RIPCORD RESCUE and utilize their professional evacuation and medical consulting services.  Over the years we have developed very specific evacuation protocols with the company for each of our destinations.  Due to our longstanding partnership with them, we have obtained very inexpensive premiums for Tusker Trail's clients, and we require that all trip members sign up with RIPCORD RESCUE for evacuation services.

Tusker Trail is a member of the U.S. State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) that keeps us updated on security matters around the world.

Kilimanjaro Climb - Safety Organizations

We will update this page whenever we get new information from the CDC, WHO, local governments, and our local offices overseas. We’ve also partnered with the leading medical experts in the world who share best practices, valuable insights, and help us to continually improve our health and safety protocols. Be assured that Tusker Trail will operate your trek at the highest levels of safety, comfort and, as always, excellence.

On every single one of our treks, prepare to be safe, but more importantly, prepare to be blown away by the adventure.


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