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For almost five exhilarating decades, Tusker has blazed a trail as the premier international trekking company, leading expeditions to every corner of the globe. We've forged partnerships with the top experts  in wilderness medicine, joining forces with the world's most elite doctors and organizations in the industry. With their unparalleled expertise and our own deep experience, we've pushed the limits of what's possible and set the gold standard for trekking excellence. Make no mistake, when you join a Tusker Trail expedition, you're in the company of the very best in high-altitude medicine and research, and the status of our treks? Simply put, they're world-class..

Kilimanjaro Climb - Safety Organizations
Kilimanjaro Climb - Safety Organizations

The INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MOUNTAIN MEDICINE brings together physicians, scientists and professionals interested in mountain medicine, to encourage research on all aspects of mountains, mountain peoples and mountaineers and to spread scientific and practical information about mountain medicine around the world. Tusker is a member of this illustrious organization.

Tusker Expedmed

EXPEDMED is one of the world’s premiere Expedition and Wilderness Medicine educational organizations for medical professionals. Their courses have been taught on Tusker’s Kilimanjaro climbs. Eddie Frank is on the faculty, and the founder, Dr. Greg Bledsoe, is Tusker’s physician advisor for all things medical.


The WILDERNESS MEDICAL SOCIETY of which Tusker is a member, encourages, fosters, supports and conducts activities to improve the scientific knowledge in human health activities, and sets medical practice guidelines for emergency care in the wilderness environment.

Tusker has used RIPCORD as an emergency resource for many years. In addition to providing emergency air evacuation for our worldwide treks, Ripcord has a team of emergency doctors with whom we consult from the field by satellite phone during emergencies in faraway lands.

Leave No Trace

 Leave No Trace partners with select companies and organizations that share a passion and commitment for protecting our cherished outdoor resources. The partners believe in the health of wildlife, perpetuation of biodiversity of our natural world and share a commitment to sound science and research.

Tusker Alliances - Adventure Travel Trade Association Member

The ADVENTURE TRAVEL TRADE ASSOCIATION is a global membership organization and home to a community of responsible adventure travel businesses that share a belief and commitment to sustainable tourism worldwide. Tusker is a member.


Have you ever wondered what it's like to trek through Mongolia's majestic mountains, following in the footsteps of ancient nomads? Or to trace the path of adventurers on the way to the base of the world's highest peak, Everest? What about exploring the fjords of Greenland or taking on the challenge of climbing Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro?

Well, wonder no more, for Tusker Trail scouts the globe to bring you the most awe-inspiring, world-class adventures out there. Each one has been personally scouted and designed by Amy and Eddie Frank, Tusker's owners and guides. These treks are designed to inspire and enrich your life. So why not click through and explore the endless possibilities that Tusker Trail has to offer?


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