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Today’s Explorer’s Club
In 1904 a bunch of rich guys in New York got together and formed The Explorer’s Club. Its mission was to bring explorers together and promote the bonds of fellowship. It was quite clubby – not anyone could join because you had to have a solid resume of exploration or scientific firsts (e.g. John Glenn in space).  The Explorer’s Club  still meets monthly in 26 chapters around the world and have sponsored some amazing explorations including Sir Edmund’s first ascent of Mt. Everest in 1956.

Tusker Trail Early Expedition

In today’s Internet world, we explorers can meet more frequently and less formally – especially now that Tusker founder Eddie Frank has formed his own Adventure Club called the Tusker VIP Adventure Group.

Eddie’s Adventurers
Over the course of his 40 globetrotting years Eddie has met a “who’s who” of adventure travelers. Some are world recognized like astrophysicist Dr. Laurance Doyle previously with NASA, and currently working at the SETI Institute, who along with Eddie made important archaeo-astronomical discoveries back in the 1980’s.  And also Dr. David Bunn, a wildlife biologist who is now the Director of Conservation for the State of California.  But most of us are just normal folks who love to get out of our comfort zone by pushing the bounds of adventure to discover things about our planet and also about ourselves.

Eddie wanted to bring this far flung community closer by creating the Tusker VIP Adventure Group. And it’s not just for Tusker travelers.  It’s for anyone who has a penchant to slide off the sofa into the wide world of Adventure.  It’s a chance to rekindle some of those past trip memories as well as to spark the catalyst for new and distant sojourns. It’s a place where you can share your exhilarating moments with photos as well as reach out for intel that can guide you on your next out of the box and off the wall expedition.

Upon joining the group, Eddie insists you post “cool pictures about your craziest adventures,  that are fit –  or even unfit to print. And tell a story about an adventure, either real or made up. ” The group has gained huge traction. Eddie says about fellow adventurer Kraig Becker, “Your Adventure Blog is one of the best things out there. I get it in my inbox daily and can’t wait for the daily updates on adventure travel, the latest gear and hard-to-find videos.”  Kraig trekked Kilimanjaro and Mongolia with Tusker  in 2015 and 2016.

Cure for the 9 to 5
It’s 2017 – another year and we’re a year older.  That’s how much of the world passively wakes up, reacts then goes out the door to grind through the 9 to 5.  The antidote is the adrenaline rush of adventure. It keeps us fresh and mentally and physically healthy despite its sometimes edgy moments. It’s hard to stay in that moment as “life” happens, but Eddie is on to something with his Adventure Group. It’s like that first espresso in the morning or that Aurora Borealis moment before we try to sleep in the semi-dark Icelandic back-country. It stimulates us by awakening our adventurous soul while keeping us in touch with like-minded adventurers who can help keep the fire burning.  It makes us feel ALIVE!

Some of our couch-traveling friends think we’re crazy for our risk taking, but by sharing our exploits with our fellow crazies we continue to remain emboldened, inspired and in the club of those who lead exceptional lives.

So dust off those grainy photographs, those digital shots atop a mountain or camped out on the edge of the map.  All you need to show is the gumption for adventure, and Eddie will green light your membership into The Tusker VIP Adventure Group. You won’t regret it.