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Face the challenge of a life-changing journey to the Summit of Kilimanjaro. The adventure will transform you forever.

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Discover your inner greatness.
Fire up your passion on a journey to a faraway place.

Take on the challenge and reach the summit on an adventure filled Kilimanjaro climb. Climb side-by-side with Tusker’s world-class guides, accompanied by an unmatched climbing team on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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45 Years of Trusted Adventure

Explore remote corners of the planet with confidence and trust.  As you trek with Tusker Trail, you are led by world class expert guides with long-standing reputations who lead incredible journeys with solid, professional backup.

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More of Africa

After your Kilimanjaro climb, explore the epic wildlife parks of East Africa, or discover the mystical island of Zanzibar, off Tanzania’s coast.
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Passion Driven Adventure

You experience the same fire for adventure that drives Tusker Trail’s owner-guides, Eddie and Amy Frank, who instill their burning passion for discovery when designing all of Tusker's treks.

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Trek through ancient Sherpa villages across the Himalayas, where stunning mountains and vibrant cultures connect. Journey to the world’s most famous mountain on the trek of a lifetime and encounter the greatest landscape on earth.

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Climb Kilimanjaro for a Good Reason

Plan a Charity climb to summit of Kilimanjaro with friends. Raise money and awareness for a great cause, while facing the challenge of a lifetime. Join Tusker Trail’s long list of adventurers who have “climbed for a good reason” having raised over $14,000,000 on their Kilimanjaro climbs.

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Trek on foot and horseback with the nomads through a fabled land where the ancient people still hunt with Golden Eagles. Experience the adventure and the wild beauty of Mongolia’s tundra, mountains, rivers and glaciers in a land barely touched by modern civilization.

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Our Noble Approach

Tusker’s owners, Eddie and Amy Frank have spent decades leading treks around the globe. They have a vested interest in the communities, and conduct an adaptive and ethical adventure travel business that is harmonious in all respects with the land, the people, and the wildlife.


Ethical Travel


Treading Lightly


Cultural Awareness

Trek through the remote beauty of Greenland’s southeast coast where icebergs are born. You follow no paths, just the footsteps of your guide. Discover the rugged beauty of one of the most uninhabited places on earth just beneath the arctic circle.

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Tusker Trail Worldwide Adventure Company - Clear
Tusker Trail Worldwide Adventure Company - Clear

The Solar Eclipse 2024

Bask in the shadow of the total solar eclipse in Mexico, and learn about modern day and ancient eclipses. Dr. Laurance Doyle, renowned SETI and NASA astrophysicist shows us how the ancient Mayans had a deep understanding of astronomy – over four thousand years ago.

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The Adventure Chronicles

Get a taste of true adventure. Dive into Tusker’s interactive Historical Timeline and immerse yourself in 45 years of pioneering adventure. See how Eddie Frank sharpened his bush skills in the early days, dodging military coups in the 1970’s, chasing lions out of camp, and floating trucks down the Congo River. Over four decades of wild experiences has shaped what is now a world class adventure company.