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History Posts. For over 4 decades Tusker has led thousands of intrepid travelers on awe-inspiring adventures around the world. Tusker’s fully supported treks allow you to fire up your passion for adventure in faraway places.


If you think that everything from intricate brain operations to delicate nose jobs and other surgeries of all kinds are inventions of modern medicine… think again. The art and science of surgery on humans was developed and widely practiced thousands of years ago.

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Many people can’t stand going to the dentist. However from ancient Egyptians to forensic scientists, humans have always been aware of the usefulness of teeth and the importance of tooth health.

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12,000 Years of Mongolian Rock Art

Embarking on a journey with Tusker to Mongolia provides travelers with an extremely rare opportunity to experience rarely seen rock art, as old as 12,000 years, that is extremely hard to locate.

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The relationship humans have with sweets is one of history’s greatest love affairs.

It is a food that is synonymous with pleasure, and nowadays it has even been touted for its numerous health benefits.

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By on April 1, 2010 in History Category

Bathing as an ordinary, everyday activity? Think again.

Whether in the saunas of Scandinavia or the steaming bathhouses of ancient Japan, bathing rituals vary from the profane to the sacred and all things in between.

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