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We take great pleasure in leading adventurers to some of the planet’s most unique and scenic locations, and our newest destination – Iceland – is no exception. You’ll have plenty of tour options in the Land of Fire and Ice, but there are important differences that distinguish our expedition from the rest. We bring the same high safety standards to our newest adventure as we do on all our other treks, but we also throw in some authentic details that can only be experienced in this unique country.

Tusker Iceland Adventure

Stimulating Every Sense

Most guided Icelandic treks are rugged tours that require participants to sacrifice comfort to get the full experience of “roughing it” in untamed places. Tusker Trail’s outlook is a little different, because we don’t think it’s necessary to survive on trail mix or sleep on solid ground in order to have an authentic adventure. We immerse you in the country’s breathtaking scenery and guide you on a trek that gives you a sense of real accomplishment, but along the way, we provide top gear and unique accommodations for a good night’s sleep and excellent food to keep you fueled up for the journey.

For example, on day 9, you’ll hike to Klængshóll Lodge for a lunch you’ll never forget and an overnight stay in your very own cottage. Vikings first established this lodge in 850 AD, and it’s been a sheep farm until very recently. It doesn’t get more authentic than that, but there’s more; your lunch will be prepared by the renowned chef from Reykjavík, Guðvarður Gíslason and served in the lodge’s ancient central cottage.

Lake Mývatn, Iceland

Tapping into the Benefits of the Land

Day 8 offers another unforgettable opportunity to live like a local. Lake Mývatn is more than 2,000 years old, and its warm alkaline water is full of minerals that replenish and relax us bathers. After hiking across a glacier the day before, you’ll be eager to soak up the lake’s natural gifts all afternoon. Surrounded by well-preserved wetlands, you’ll also enjoy the sights and sounds of hundreds of native bird species.

If you’re an experienced angler, or even a curious amateur, you’ll also get to participate in the tradition that has kept Iceland’s economy afloat for centuries. Our experienced and friendly captain will take you deep-sea angling in the North Sea, showing you his tips and tricks for making a superb catch. For the horse lover, day 10 provides a special treat as local horse whisperer Simbi Hjorleifsson takes us on a magical ride through the highlands. You’ll also go whale-watching on a real oak fishing vessel, three hours off the coast of Húsavík.

Tusker Iceland Adventure (30)

Throughout your Iceland adventure, our guides will show you the country’s best kept secrets, and entertain you with stories about its Viking roots and ocean-going culture. Whether you’re a lover of five-star luxury or a thrill-seeker who likes to tackle glaciers and rivers head-on, this trek will leave you craving Iceland’s sensory pleasures for years to come.

Tusker Trail


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