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Leading Epic Kilimanjaro Summits for 47 Years

Interested in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

Tens of thousands of people attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro every year and while some amount of fitness is involved in making it to the summit, you do not need any special climbing skills or equipment to get there. What you do need is a climb company with lengthy experience, a track record of success, and guides you can count on.

Tusker Trail's 5-star rated track record of excellence assures you the best climb experience on Kilimanjaro.

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Tusker Trail is a guide founded, family owned and operated company with a lengthy 47 year history on Kilimanjaro and in the Moshi community. We never pushed to be a high volume company. Our primary focus has always been on the individual climb experience. That IS the Tusker difference.

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Why do climbers choose Tusker Trail?

Leading climbers to the summit for an unmatched 47 years

There's no getting around the fact that experience makes the difference between an amazing climb experience and a mediocre one. There are a thousand aspects to an amazing climb experience and Tusker Trail has fine tuned each one of them over 47 years and of thousands of summits, establishing Tusker's Standard of Excellence that's built into every climb we offer. If summiting Kilimanjaro is one of your life goals, make sure it's going to be the best climb experience possible.

Experience matters and you won't find another company that matches Tusker's 47 years.

The most highly trained guides on Kilimanjaro

Many companies claim that their guides are the best because they received the basic Wilderness First Responder training which focuses on basic low altitude hiking. However, more than 75% of Kilimanjaro's climbers will experience at least some form of altitude sickness. So Tusker partnered with renowned physician, Dr. Greg Bledsoe, founder of ExpedMed, which provides high altitude coursework for physicians around the globe. Dr. Bledsoe developed a specialized High Altitude First Responder training for Tusker's guides that focuses specifically on the rigors of the Kilimanjaro climb, from base to summit and back again.

When climbing at altitude you simply could not be in better hands when climbing with Tusker guides.

Read what our climbers have to say:

Setting the standards in safety other companies follow

Every one of Tusker's High Altitude First Responder guides is backed up by an extensive array of medical and safety equipment, allowing them to monitor your health every step of the way. Their medical expertise has earned them the name "The Kings of Kilimanjaro" by guides from other companies and they regularly assist the National Park services in medical emergencies other companies experience. Tusker's wide array of safety gear includes Portable Altitude Chambers (Gammo bags) and Oxygen, O2 monitors, first aid, and emergency communication equipment. In emergency situations we can implement our RIPCORD helicopter evac protocol.

Since 1977 we have set the bar for safety standards that other companies now follow.

The Tusker Difference 

It all started back in 1977, when the intrepid Eddie Frank, Tusker's co-owner and lead guide, originally led adventurers on months long pioneering expeditions across the African Continent.

In the 70s & 80s, before the Kilimanjaro climbing industry was born, climbing mount Kilimanjaro was just something his adventurers did midway through the expedition. Today, 47 years later Tusker Trail continues to set the standard of excellence and professionalism when it comes to safety, training, climber comfort, cuisine and community service.

As a family owned company focus has always been on the individual climb experience versus volume.

Excellence and affordability

On Kilimanjaro there are low frills bargain companies, and pricier corporate bulk operations. Tusker is neither of those. We focus solely on the individuals personal climb experience. Because we know that if this is your only time on Kilimanjaro, you want your climb to be the best life event you can imagine, while also being cost conscious.

Tusker answers this call by offering climbs for every budget and climb experience, while maintaining the same Tusker's Standard of Excellence in safety, guides, and cuisine we are well known for. Check our Routes Page to learn more.

If you thought the Tusker climb experience was out of your reach, take another look.

Climb with

When you climb with Tusker Trail, you will immediately notice the clear level of respect and reverence all other guides have for Tusker Trail's team. They are known as the King's of Kilimanjaro based on their legendary track record of 47 years of expertise and professionalism on the mountain.

The real-life documentary "The Kings of Kilimanjaro" follows Tusker's legendary guides in their day to day work environment, where taking care of their climbers, as well as rescuing climbers from other groups is just another day at the office.

This is the must watch video to really learn what the climb is all about, from the eyes of the kings.


Tusker Trail continues to lead the industry in knowledge of Kilimanjaro by spending over ten years cataloging the flora of all the climate zones from the lowlands to the summit. Amy and Eddie Frank, alongside Swiss biologist Thomas Rüegg, embarked on this decade-long project to better understand the flora, as well as to educate their climbers. After over 10 years the field guide was born - which is now coveted by climbers and botanists from every corner of the globe. And with this guide in hand, you'll be able to gain a greater appreciation of every moment of your climb.

Signature climbers will receive a signed copy along in your pre-climb package.

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 Climb Standards

For 47 years Tusker Trail has carved a path of ethical climbing standards for our guides and porters on Kilimanjaro. As a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), we have advised and provided financial support to the non-profit organization since its creation.

Here’s what the KPAP Program Director said about Tusker Trail.

"Eddie Frank, Tusker Trail’s owner, has always been a financial supporter of the International Mountain Explorers Connection, which set up KPAP. Since my being associated with KPAP, he took on the role of adviser.  It makes perfect sense that he supports KPAP because he has always been 100% dedicated to making sure porters get paid well and are treated fairly."


Our Noble Approach

Tusker’s owners, Eddie and Amy Frank have spent decades leading treks around the globe. They have a vested interest in the communities, and conduct an adaptive and ethical adventure travel business that is harmonious in all respects with the land, the people, and the wildlife.


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