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Tusker Trail

. . . is one of the original Kilimanjaro climbing companies, and has spent 44 years establishing the high climbing standards now accepted on Kilimanjaro.

We have crafted a unique Kilimanjaro climbing experience, tranforming every climb into an extraordinary adventure. 44 years on Kilimanjaro has enabled us to build the perfect climb, focusing on guide expertise, climber safety and our Adventure Kitchen. This is one mind-blowing encounter you will never forget.

Our senior guides have 21 years of Tusker guiding experience, and their expertise is second to none.

Highly respected on the mountain, Tusker's guides exhibit rare leadership qualities. They lead each climb with top gear, and a team of mountain chefs who are trained by the Culinary Institute of America.

Every single one of our climbers come down from the summit totally transformed. Read below what our climbers have to say about their Tusker experience.

Link: Find out how four decades of Kilimanjaro experience can make a huge difference to your climb.

Expert Guides

Tusker's highly skilled guides are in a league of their own. Well respected on Kilimanjaro, they possess rare leadership qualities that instill confidence in our climbers.

Every year we drill them in a specialized medical training course, making your climb safe, successful with guaranteed adventure.

Find out why health and safety guide training is so important to making your climb a success.

Adventure Menu

Tusker Trail has partnered with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to train our Kilimanjaro chefs. We also work side-by-side with the CIA's top chefs to create our superb climbing menus.

When designing our menus we tailor them for variety, taste and the demanding nutritional needs of your climbing team.

Health & Safety

When trekking to altitude, you have to accept that there are risks.

Our 44 years on Kilimanjaro has taught us to pay close attention to these risks. As a result we designed a specialized high altitude medical course for our guides.

The course trains them to deal with the specific challenges of Kilimanjaro's high altitude  environment.

Our medically focused guides monitor your health every step of the way. And if you require a helicopter evacuation, you are covered by RIPCORD, our air evacuation company of note.

RIPCORD was right there alongside us during the Nepal earthquake in 2015. With their help we evacuated our entire group back home quickly, and safely.

Tusker uses more guides per group than any company. The number of guides depends on your group size and ranges from 2-6. If you're climbing solo, you'll have your own personal guide.

Link: See how experienced professional guides make a huge difference in your success and safety.

Top-of-the-Line Gear

Without the best gear a climb is doomed to fail.

Tusker's modern climbing gear is the most durable and the toughest on the planet.

We use all-weather sleeping tents; comfy air/foam mattresses; roomy dining tents with chairs, tables and gas lighting; comprehensive safety equipment, such as oxygen, portable altitude chambers, and medical monitoring instruments. You’ll also enjoy one hot shower well planned in the middle of your climb. Plus the intangible - safety-focused guides with many years of Kilimanjaro experience.

On the Mountain

  • 4-season waterproof tents
  • 2-inch air/foam mattresses
  • 4-season basecamp dining tents
  • Dining tables & comfy chairs
  • Gas lighting in dining tents
  • Purified water
  • Private toilet tent
  • Drybag (to protect your duffel)
  • One super enjoyable hot shower during your climb

Superb Hotels

You stay at a delightful family owned hotel before and after the climb. The staff and warm atmosphere make you feel very much at home.

Precision Climb Support

None of our climbs would be possible without our porters. They are the backbone of your climb and make sure all your gear and food get to camp on time.

There are usually about 50 porters that carry the food and gear for a group of 12 climbers. That gives you an idea of how much gear we bring up to ensure a safe and comfortable climb.

Tusker Trail runs many Kilimanjaro climbs each month.

If you have a question or would like to speak with one of our guides
use our simple e-mail form, or give us a call.