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Dear Haley,

I wanted to write you an email and tell you how much I appreciate your help
with coordinating Katie Asdourian’s (my daughter) and my climb this past
July-August. This was my second Kilimanjaro climb with Tusker Trail. When
I climbed in 2006, Katie wanted to go with me, but she was only 12 years old
at the time. I told her when she turned 16 and still wanted to go that I
would climb the mountain again with her, not realizing at the time how
difficult it would be. I was able to summit in 2006, but it was very
difficult for me. I had a great guide, Francis Meela who helped me. The
consensus of the group after the climb was that we would not do this
mountain again. However, on July 1st Katie turned 16 and I kept my promise
to her and we left for Africa at the end of July. We both trained for 9
months for this hike. I wrote a letter to Francis Meela and asked him to be
our guide. It was such nice surprise to see him again and hike this
mountain again with him. The other two guides, Guidance and Pastore were
wonderful too. This adventure was an amazing journey for Katie and I. When
we reached Stella Point (I was having a meltdown)….and asked the group to
continue on without me. I was so slow and so frustrated with myself and the
altitude. Francis and Pastore led the group up, Francis took my camera and
took photos along the way of Katie. Gaudance stayed with me and encouraged
me to hike slowly and take many breaks and rest periods. When we reached
within 50 feet of the summit I saw Katie and Francis standing there….I
thought something must be wrong. When I reached them, I asked Katie what
was wrong. She said, “I wanted to wait for you and summit this mountain
with you”. Needless to say I was so overcome with emotion that I cried and
cried. I didn’t expect her to wait for me but it was important to her. It
says a lot about her character. We were able to summit together and took
many photos. I honestly do not think I would have made it without the help
and encouragement of those guides, Francis, Gaudance & Pastore. The waiter,
Benson was very special too. Every employee we encountered…starting with
you…were all great. I am sure there are more trips in my future with
Tusker. I am their biggest cheerleader and tell everyone what a great
company it is. Thanks for all your help.

Beth Behrle

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