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Journey to Everest Base Camp

Of the amazing adventures to be had in the Himalayan paradise of Nepal, the trek to Everest Base Camp is at the top of our list. Tusker Trail’s journey to the foot of Mount Everest is an 18-day epic adventure. Our route is carefully planned to immerse you in the Nepalese landscape and help your body adjust gradually and safely to the altitude. Learn more about this unforgettable trip and the experiences it includes.

An Immersive Route

Our trek to the Mt Everest Base Camp begins and ends with overnight stays in Nepal’s beautiful, bustling capital, Kathmandu. It’s our way of easing you into the vibrant interaction between man and nature, one that’s echoed by the city’s seamless marriage of ancient cultures and urban lifestyles.

You’ll spend your first day strolling through the markets and temples of old Kathmandu, shopping in Durbar Square, and visiting an ancient Buddhist shrine. Afterwards, you’ll head back to a luxurious room at the Shangri-La Hotel to rest up for the next day’s adventure: a flight and 5-hour hike.

Everest Base Camp’s altitude is 17,585 feet, but Kala Pattar is even higher at 18,513 feet, so we’ll take a couple of two-day breaks along the way to let you acclimatize. These overnight stays are key to keeping our hikers healthy, but they also give you a chance to experience village life along the Sherpa trade route and take in scenic views of Mount Everest.

This trek is full of rewards, but they aren’t limited to our 7-hour hike along the Khumbu Glacier that ends at Everest Base Camp itself. We especially love the 4-hour trek to Tengboche Monastery, where monks chant on a tiny historic hill across from our lodge, as well as the 5-hour hike down to Naamche Bazaar – a favorite among Everest veterans for its charming teahouses and challenging terrain.

Expert Guides and Crew

Like all Tusker Trail adventures, our talented chefs will energize you with freshly prepared, delicious meals throughout your journey. We’ve hand-picked the best lodges along this ancient trail and are welcomed by the gentle Nepali people. However, it’s the talent and experience of our hiking guides that will truly define your Everest memories.

Our guides are real leaders who are prepared to keep you healthy and successful every step of the way. Each of our guides completes intensive medical training and has spare oxygen tanks and specialized safety equipment for your safety. You can depend on their emergency rescue skills just as much as their knowledge of the terrain and trails that make up your trip.

If you want to make the most of your Mount Everest experience and mitigate the risks of adventuring at high altitude, this biannual Himalayan trek is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do just that. We make this epic pilgrimage every Spring and Fall. Join us for the next Everest Base Camp Trek.

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